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公司成立于 2007 年,主要开发彩色多普勒超声成像设备和核磁共振设备。总部位于北京中关村高科技园区,拥有 200 名员工,其中超过 100 名从事研发工作,销售网络遍及国内外。


Beijing United Imaging

Established 2007, United Imaging is a medical equipment company pioneering in color Doppler ultrasound imaging technology and MRI equipment.

Headquartered in the Beijing Zhongguancun Hi-Tech District, the company is the first mover in China in many technologies, including open MRI systems, Transcranial Doppler equipment, and Doppler guided interventional therapy.

ZincFive, Inc.

ZincFive 之前有名 PowerGenix,是全球领先镍锌电池技术和专利拥有者。为无断电源和数据中心、智能交通、启停模式汽车电池等应用。

ZincFive, Inc.

ZincFive, formerly also known as PowerGenix, is the world leader in innovation and delivery of nickel-zinc battery-based uninterruptible power supplies for mission critical applications in Data Centers and Intelligent Transportation and offer batteries for stationary, motive and start-stop applications.


以专有 MEMS 传感器和加工集成电路为基础,研发并生产可测量生命体征的可穿戴设备。推出一款经临床验证的微创连续血糖监测仪,是此领域的全球先驱,拥有服务营运商网络,面向国内外市场建立了糖尿病患者医疗保健管理平台。

Shenzhen WaveGuider

A startup company with cutting-edge medical sensor technology, developing and producing wearable devices to measure vital health signals based on MEMS sensors. Successfully launched a clinically tested, minimally invasive blood glucose monitor and set up a network of service operators. Building a healthcare management platform for diabetes patients.

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公司成立于 2012 年,总部位于苏州,拥有 50 多名员工,开发全电动汽车増程器。

Suzhou DSM Greenpower

Established in 2012, DSM Greenpower is a range extender developer for electric vehicles with proven technology accepted by branded auto maker.

The company is headquartered in Suzhou with 50+ employees and in-house manufacturing of 3kW, 5kW, and 20kW range extenders.


公司成立于 2012 年,提供可扩展可堆叠的溴化锌电池技术,应用于众多领域,既能为拥有数百千瓦功率系统的商业楼宇进行调峰,也能给数兆瓦的风能/太阳能储能并将功率调节输出至电网。


Beijing Zbest

Zbest provides scalable and stackable Zinc Bromide battery technology that can fit a wide range of applications, such as commercial building electric peak shaving with a few hundred kW systems, and mega-Watt wind/solar energy storage as well as moderating power output to the grid. The company was founded in 2012 with its headquarters located in Beijing.

Zbest was sold to Shenzhen Rainbow Fine Chemical Industry Co. LTD (SHE: 002256)

过往退出项目 Past Exits

上市 IPO

A8 Music (HKSE: 0800.HK)

Actions Semi (NASDAQGM: ACTS)

Akup (HK GEM)

AsiaContent.com (Nasdaq)


AVC (TSE: 3017.TW)

BCD Semiconductor (NASDAQGM: BCDS)

Chenming Paper (SZSE: 000488/200488 & HKSE: 1812.HK)


Chinacast (NASDAQGM: CAST)

China Resources Microelectronics (HKSE: 0597.HK)

Enjoyor (CHINEXT: 300020)

Epitop (CHI3: 852502)

Global Market Group Limited (LSE: GMC)

Haiyuan (SZSE: 002529)


Insyde (TSE: 6231.TWO)

Kingsoft (HKSE: 3888.HK)

Lotes (TSE: 3533.TW)


Nengtyi (TSE: 3512.TWO)

Neusoft (SSE: 600718)

Parade Technologies Inc. (GTSM: 4966)

PCCW (HKSE: 0008)

Penpower (TSE: 5211.TWO)

Powertech (TSE: 6239)

Richtek (TSE: 6286.TW)

Sinosun (CHINEXT: 300333)

Skymedi (TSE: 3555)

Skyworth Digital (HKSE: 0751.HK)

Sohu.com (Nasdaq: SOHU)

Superdata (HKGEM)

System General (TSE)


Trony Solar (HKSE: 2468.HK)

UTStarcom (Nasdaq: UTSI)

Wuxi Little Swan (SZSE: 00418/200418)

并购 M&A

56.com (acquired by Renren, NYSE: RENN)

ADMTek (acquired by Infineon, NYSE: IFX)

Asia Renal Care (acquired by Bumrungrad International of Thailand)

Better Pipes (acquired by Vinidex of Australia)

China Weal (acquired by Lenovo, HKSE: 992)

City Internet (acquired by NWCyber, was a sub of New World Development HKSE:17)

Holdfast (merged with GamaABC, privately held)

Linkair (acquired by Founder Group, privately held)

Longshine (acquired by AMDOC, NYSE: DOX)

Luckypai (acquired by Itochu and Lotte)

Pollex Mobile (acquired by MediaTek, TSE: 2454.TW)

Sharkwave (acquired by Tom.com, HKSE: 2383.HK)

SMG BB (merged with DragonMobile and BesTV, privately held)

Supresoft (acquired by IDG New Media, privately held)

System General (acquired by Fairchild, NYSE: FCS)

Viewhigh (acquired by Neusoft)

公司回购 Buy-back


AS-China Plumbing (HKSE: 8262.HK]

China Motion Telecom


Human (listed as Perfect World, Nasdaq: PWRD]

iFlytek (SZSE: 002230.SZ)

Linkage (acquired by AsiaInfo, Nasdaq: ASIA)


Mindray Medical (NYSE: MR]

Owen Cornings Building Materials

Palm Commerce


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